Our Teachers

All of our teachers are registered Music Together® teachers. All are passionate about music and the development of children and create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

We are extraordinarily proud to say that two of our teachers have been awarded Music Together Certification Level I status, having demonstrated outstanding achievement in teaching, musicianship, program philosophy, and parent education. The awards were granted by the Center for Music and Young Children in Princeton, New Jersey, Kenneth K. Guilmartin, Founder/Director. Teacher and director Jackie Freimor has been awarded the highest level of Music Together certification--Certification Level II--for excellence in articulation of program philosophy, assessment of children's music development, and teaching mastery. The award was granted by Kenneth K. Guilmartin, Founder/Director, and Lili M. Levinowitz, PhD, Director of Research.


photo Jackie Freimor

Jackie Freimor has been performing as a singer/guitarist since she was a child, and she played her first professional gig at age 15. She is also a self-taught pianist, and for a time she played the lute and the viola da gamba. Most recently, she was the rhythm guitar player and backup vocalist in a Manhattan-based alternative rock band. Jackie first experienced Music Together when she enrolled her daughter in the program, and she is always eager to share her and her daughter's love of the program with other families. Jackie began her first semester as a licensed Music Together center director in fall 2005. She was awarded Music Together Certification Level I status in December 2009 and Certification Level II status in July 2013.

Fun Facts About Jackie

Her all-time favorite (non-Music Together) song is: either "Skating Away" (Jethro Tull) or "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Queen). Oh, or "Cixiri" (Balentes) or "Java Jive" (Manhattan Transfer)....
If she were an animal, she'd be: a tabby cat.
Her favorite food is: Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream (by the pint).
Most people don't know that she: is a published mystery writer and has a tattoo of Edgar Allan Poe on her upper arm.
When she was a child, she once: convinced her sister that she was a witch and chased her around the house until she cried.
She will always dance to: "Dancing Queen" (ABBA).
She remembers: her father dancing in the kitchen, singing "The Banana Song" with his banana-microphone.

Julie Connors

Julie Connors has been singing and dancing for as long as she can remember. She has trained in tap, jazz, and ballet and began singing in her church choir in the third grade. As a performer, Julie made her Broadway debut in 2001 as part of the original cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Other Broadway credits include the original casts of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Apple Tree, and Never Gonna Dance. In 2007, Julie appeared as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors at the Westchester Broadway Theatre in Elmsford. She first discovered Music Together with her daughter Adrienne in January 2010 ("They had us at 'Hello'!"). Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and she became a registered Music Together teacher in April 2014.

Fun Facts About Julie

Her all-time favorite (non-Music Together) song is: "In the Hall of the Mountain King," Peer Gynt (Edvard Grieg).
If she were an animal, she'd be: a jackal.
Her favorite food is: steak (medium rare, with A-1!).
Most people don't know that she: as a highschooler, convinced her superiors to no longer allow the cheerleaders to try out in front of the entire student body.
When she was a child, she once: sold more than 300 boxes of Girl Scout cookies, earning "Super Seller" status!
She will always dance to: "Beat It" (Michael Jackson).
She remembers: swimming in the summers with her mommy.

photo Kat Feldman

Kat Feldman is a musician, teacher, and lifelong student of music education. She started playing the violin at age nine and knew from the moment she picked up the instrument that music would be a part of her life forever. She holds degrees in violin performance from Purchase College (SUNY) and in music education from Manhattanville College. Currently she teaches high school orchestra and freelances as a violinist in the area. Her interest in teaching Music Together began after experiencing the class with her daughters, Leah and Emily. She became a registered Music Together teacher in April 2014.

Fun Facts About Kat

Her all-time favorite (non-Music Together) song is: "Over the Rainbow" (by Iz).
If she were an animal, she'd be: a kitty!
Her favorite food is: chocolate.
Most people don't know that she: loves roller coasters.
When she was a child, she once: convinced her best friend to sing holiday songs together in July.
She will always dance to: disco music.
She remembers: singing in the car with her mommy.

Jill Geddes

Music has always been a part of Jill Geddes's life, thanks to her parents, who listened to music all the time while she was growing up. She became active in musical theater, and after graduating from high school, landed the role of Peron's Mistress in the national tour of Evita. From there, she went on to tour as Cinderella in James Lapine's Into the Woods and then played the lead role of Fantine in the national tour of Les Miserables. In between shows, she studied music education at Indiana University School of Music. Once settled in New York, Jill was introduced to Music Together when she took her daughter to a class. She fell in love with the program and began the journey to becoming a teacher. Jill also has a son, a husband, two dogs, and one cat. In addition to teaching and being a mom, Jill enjoys running and has completed two New York City marathons. She was awarded Music Together Certification Level I status in August 2009. Jill wonders how great it would've been had Music Together been around when she was a toddler....

Fun Facts About Jill

Her all-time favorite (non-Music Together) song is: "A Case of You" (Joni Mitchell).
If she were an animal, she'd be: a red panda.
Her favorite food is: apples with Manchego cheese.
Most people don't know that she: ran in the NYC Marathon in 2014.
When she was a child, she once: sang "Skip to My Lou" in an elementary school assembly.
She will always dance to: Frank, Ella, and Michael.
She remembers: slapping her brother when he told her there was a boa constrictor under her bed.

photo Ginger Lai

Ginger Lai, known as Ms. Lai to the third-graders in her Chinese class, is a classically trained professional pianist who received her Master's degree from Yale School of Music in Horn Performance. Ginger began playing horn in the symphony orchestra at age 9. In college, she played mellophone in the college football marching band and accompanied symphony orchestras, operas, theaters, and dance studios on piano and keyboard as part of her scholarship. She won competitions and performed in Taiwan, Mexico, and the United States with orchestras in venues such as National Concert Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Lincoln Center. After developing chronic carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis in her hands as well as temporomandibular joint syndrome in her jaw, she became unable to play for long hours and so became a board-certified music therapist in 2006, working with underserved frail elderly patients in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn; her specialties are neurological rehabilitation, dementia, depression, and home visits. Ginger fell in love with her daughter Isabelle, who was born on Christmas Eve, and decided to train to teach Music Together so that they can spend a lot of musical time together. Ginger became a registered Music Together teacher in December 2016.

Fun Facts About Ginger

Her all-time favorite (non-Music Together) song is: "Living on a Prayer," (Bon Jovi), "Love of My Life" (Freddie Mercury), and "El Rey," a Mexican drinking song.
If she were an animal, she'd be: a snake, according to the year she was born, or a water buffalo, according to her astrology. She would never be a dog, because she's afraid of dogs. And she used to be afraid of cats....
Her favorite food is: ginger. Ginger has been known to be a seasonal cannibalist (!), and she loves to make home-brewed ginger beer via lacto-fermentation.
Most people don't know that she: used to be able to hear pitches in hertz, and it used to upset her when lawn mowers were out of tune. Nowadays, since Ginger has been blessed with NYC subway-acquired hearing loss, she's no longer bothered by imperfect pitch!
When she was a child, she once: had a pet pufferfish.
She will always dance to: the Baladi, Malfuf, Maqsoum, and Chiftetelli rhythms of Middle Eastern music.
She remembers: her gourd plant climbing up a three-story apartment building--her father's resident's dormitory--and attracting bees and butterflies all summer long. It bore yummy squash to eat in the fall and dried up to become loofahs to play with in the winter.

Jessica Seidel

Jessica Seidel is a musician and social worker. Jessica grew up playing and singing folk and bluegrass music with her family and studying classical flute and cello. She has been a member of several bands over the years and has lent vocals and instrumentals to the live performances and recordings of several other artists. As a social worker, she worked in the field of mental health with homebound elderly people and incorporated music into her work as much as possible. She became a registered Music Together teacher in April 2014.

Fun Facts About Jessica

Her all-time favorite (non-Music Together) song is: "Lovely Day," by Bill Withers.
If she were an animal, she'd be: an otter.
Her favorite food is: pesto anything!
Most people don't know that she: loves to square and contra dance.
When she was a child, she once: tried to make a mix tape by holding a cassette player up to the radio. Instead, she just got a recording of herself whining about how impossible it was.
She will always dance to: "Le Freak" (Chic).
She remembers: singing country songs with her sister on long car rides.